Welcome to Intelligent
The world’s first artificial intelligence
(AI)-driven platform for complete automation
and monitoring of your IT workplace environment.

Welcome to
Intelligent Technology

Meet FRIDAY. The world’s first artificial intelligence (AI)-driven platform for complete automation and monitoring of your IT workplace environment.

Don’t just be alerted by issues, do something about it.

FRIDAY takes actionable next steps
to proactively resolve IT issues.

In today’s world, technology is crucial for keeping businesses up and running. For that reason, it’s not just important to know about
mission-critical issues, but to proactively resolve them before it shuts down your operations.

With FRIDAY you can:

•Greatly scale your IT support team 

•Decrease support incident resolution time

•Increase site/application uptime

•Automate IT tasks when issues occur

•Resolve recurring issues in minutes & hours, not days & weeks

•Reduce IT operational spend and complexity

FRIDAY does it all, so you don’t have to.

By responding to your issues and automating level 1 support tasks

you save time, money and significantly scale your IT help desk.


Simply plug it in and watch it go to work

Discover all devices, the type of device, and how they are connected

Learn your environment and Set a baseline for how things are working


Proactively monitor IOT network devices and even physical cable connections

Monitor internet health and cloud apps to quickly be notified of ISP or application issues

Get real-time site uptime, MTTR insight, and overall IT health across your entire organization


Perform root cause analysis in FRIDAY'S AI

Triage issues across thousands of sites and devices simultaneously

Expand the reach of your IT team and let FRIDAY do the heavy lifting for them


Proactively take next steps to either resolve or escalate problems to the correct people

Dispatch technicians automatically in real time

Resolve issues in minutes and hours, not days and weeks

Easy to navigate dashboard gives you instant insight
on the health of your IT environment.

FI Appliance

FRIDAY can deploy hundreds of locations in just minutes!

FRIDAY has the ability to learn and keep its eyes and ears on everything within your network—servers, network & IOT devices,
internet connections, anything.

Just simply plug our appliance into your network and FRIDAY goes to work. Forget the hours of manpower troubleshooting IT issues and working with frustrated end-users on common problems. With FRIDAY overseeing your network, we’ll see the problem before you do.

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