The United Business Journal: Friday Elevates Managed Services Across Industries

The United Business Journal: Friday Elevates Managed Services Across Industries

Enterprise IT infrastructure operations and management prove challenging to in-house teams, whose scale or expertise may fall short to fully address issues that arise within complex systems. To aid them with customized features and cybersecurity, a solid partner in the form of a managed services company can prove critical and indispensable.

To help enterprises thwart off internal and external risks, Cluster Networks has pioneered a cloud-based, AI-assisted solution called FRIDAY. Established in 2013 in San Francisco, Cluster’s “one size doesn’t fit all” approach means that it works in tandem with internal IT teams to monitor, troubleshoot and resolve IT issues.

Unlike other software that only monitors systems, FRIDAY goes to the full extent and makes fixes without any human involvement. The AI-driven automation provides companies using FRIDAY a competitive edge as well as peace of mind. Cluster Networks co-founder and CEO TJ Karwal has seen companies roll out new technology without the manpower or the ability to support it, which underpins his company’s mantra: “don’t let your technology manage you – let FRIDAY manage your technology.”

Karwal, whose vision from the start was to empower IT teams and activate proactive, real-time IT support, helms an innovative platform that operates as a nimble, one-stop shop with level 1 support. Instead of calls and emails to IT that can take hours, FRIDAY shortens the process into minutes – and thus, FRIDAY by Cluster Networks is a definitive, first-of-its-kind, global AI-driven platform to manage an IT workplace.

At its core, FRIDAY offers an integrated platform that is fully automated to monitor for any signs of trouble within an IT system. One of the newly introduced updates extends the monitoring aspect and “actually orchestrates power” to devices, Karwal said. If a client has plugged their devices into a Friday Smart Outlet, and the device became unresponsive, FRIDAY would remotely initiate a power reboot. For any industries that have multiple remote sites, this avoids the need to dispatch a technician, which can be costly, Karwal continued.

With industries in retail, education and elsewhere depending on IT around the clock, FRIDAY proves as the go-to problem solver when internal IT is overwhelmed. It does so through an API that automatically addresses level-one support tasks, monitoring WiFi and the network, as well as remote observation and troubleshooting of IoT devices such as security cameras and VoIP phones.

The user-friendly FRIDAY dashboard generates reports and insightful data that empowers businesses to get a better grasp of the state of their IT systems.

With an aim to attract clients within the retail, hospitality and public sector space, including education and municipal governments, Cluster Networks has hired a sales representative to better position its game-changing products and services.
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